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Member Guide

The PCC is a group of people who appreciate music and who like to sing.

We usually:

  • Present 2 concerts per year, Spring and Christmas

  • Rehearse Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm 

  • Have 12-14 practices prior to each concert series

We are a "not for profit" 501 c3 corporation (tax exempt) administered by:

  • An elected volunteer Board of Directors

  • The Board provides organizational and financial support and contracts a professional music director and pianist who provide music leadership

All members, under the Board direction, are responsible for raising the money to fund:

  • Contracting professionals

  • Renting space for our practices and performances

  • Purchasing music and needed supplies

  • Hiring other support and individuals as needed

  • Advertising in the Media and programs

All monies raised go toward the above funds.

Money is raised by:

  • Paying dues of $20.00 per individual per concert series

  • Assisting with fund raisers, i.e. garage and bake sales

  • Preparing home made bakery goods to sell at performances

  • Selling tickets and program advertisements


  • Dates and performance venue and dress rehearsal to be announced

  • Dress code for performance is: white long-sleeved blouse or shirt (some available), black long skirts or pants, black shoes and stockings

  • No fragrances or light-reflecting jewelry

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